Experimental Swedish post-punkers Kriget have recently released a video for their track ‘What A Day’. Ethereal dancing girls and skronky saxophones and prisms seen through an acid haze. Beautiful!


'All The Single Ladies' as best video? Not so! says buff bro. There's been so many good videos out this year that I don't even like to think about it. All those really nice videos make me wiggle and wobble, but only a few know how to really get this dude's dander up. Let me tell you about some of the best videos this year, and I'd know; every day I get ruggeder and more handsome.

5. Foot Village - Anti-Magic

Hectic violence, crazy colors, and screaming with abandon. This perfectly captures a Foot Village show, and is an excellent teaser for inciting people to get their awesome new album.

4. Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

Perfectly shot, with gorgeous visuals; this is superb desert magic (and it has boobs!!!!!)

3. HEALTH - Die Slow

"WHOA, hold up!" I hear you say, "there are girl guts and blood in this, grody! Aghh, yuck!" Well I say scarf your barf back up, slim, because there’s no way anyone can deny how much they’d love to be in this glittery goo-pile of awesome dance-thrash.

2. Internet Forever - Cover The Walls

DIY radness from one of my favorite bands, and the finished version of ‘Cover The Walls’ is so dang addictive.

1. Gary War - Highspeed Drift

The first track off Gary War’s new album is an absolute psychedelic freakout, with weirdo imagery and shiny geometric heads. Watch this over and over, feel yourself free-form tripping. Maximum schwing, maximum okkvlt.