Fell in love with Sofia Senna by way of my new jizz Gucci Goth when one of my killers posted this amazing video. Holocaust beats flow syrupy-hot while basement beauties twerk. No links and no MP3s yet but soon; in the meantime get ready for electric body explosions.


Moving to the violent side of visual life, here’s the new video for the always-intriguing Foot Village's 'Lovers With Iraqis'. More thoughtful and less flashy, the brute noisepunk force of their power combined with scenes of torture and madness leave you feeling uneasy and restless.


Style. Substance. Flow. My girl Rye Rye has it all, and when you combine it with the hater-proof power of M.I.A. you get something truly timeless. Evoking memories of hot sidewalks and after-school hangouts, ‘Sunshine’ will make you believe in never-ending summer.


Live visuals from Amanda Brown’s amazing L.A. Vampires project. Dubby underwater ghost-folk, just how we like it.


R. Stevie Moore, your mutant children are beautiful. Superstar & Star has to be the discovery of the month. At least. I know next to nothing about this guy but he’s from the shitty town I grew up in and he’s got the same vibe as Tonetta and that’s aces in my book. VHS mental funktronic music that you can buy from him personally at his Youtube channel or website. Truly special.

(Thanks to Brian Miller for the hot tip!)


The musicians of Denver fuel my soul in various ways, but Hideous Men have always been a band I don’t know much about. This new video reveals all: Hideous Men are about:


»>Magic Spells«<


»>Being Amazing«<


Sorry about the coitus interruptus; I’m heading back to NYC from Berlin in a few days and busy busy busy. Updates when I get back but in the meantime here’s the spacey new video for Geneva Jacuzzi's 'Space Heater'. Martian desert sex on Olympus Mons? Blast off for the mons venus.


I was catching up on blogs when I stumbled across this post from Mishka. Eerie parallels to the last few weeks of my life, from the ’90s rave up to discovering Redlight the other day. When I saw the video for ‘What You Talking About’ I yelled “HOLY SHIT” so loud I woke up my German friend and got yelled at in German (I’m still trapped in Europe, by the way.) No apologies, if anything is worthy of a loud cuss, this video is. Hurling fistfuls of color and shapes into your eyes, getting you in trance mode and then bashing your teeth in with heavy grime rhymes. Taking me back to the days of Fly Girls, massive sounds weaving through the air with dirttty diva vocals. The dopest flows. The dopest prose.


What You Talking About! (ft. Mz. Dynamite)

Stupid (ft. Roses Gabor)

90210H GOD

It’s a video day! This is the beautiful ButterClock's new one, featuring her track 'Beverly Hills' and with visuals by Black Swan. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside my head, this is as close as you can come without surgery.


Beautiful new live video from the always-impressive Tearist. I think I used the same piece of scrap metal in my own band…..


London synthpunks TEETH have been wowing me with their bouncy, noisy goodness for a couple years, but with their new single ‘See Spaces’ they’ve created something truly beautiful. Veronica So has channeled her vocals into something more dream than scream, and the result has me melting in my chair. Check out their new video below, and get the 7” single from Moshi Moshi.


See Spaces


I’d never heard of Scooter before I went to Germany a few years ago, but I suspect it doesn’t sound nearly as good as this. Thankfully ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ and Cosmotropia de Xam are around to turn it into a drugged-n-dragged flesheating floorkiller. This monster is going to be appearing on the next installment of their incredible Zombie Rave mixtape series, out in less than a week! Keep your eyes open; these go fassssst; in the meantime, grab ya cough syrup, press and dance. 


The thing that draws me to witch house is not necessarily the dark aspects of it, or even my love of screw and juke, but rather the appreciation of pop music on a warped level. This tendency to reconstruct Top 40 hits and old R&B into mindbenders works on several levels: it satisfies my love of pop (something that grows as I age, more ‘Bobblehead’ than ‘Beachy Head’ these days but growing up is dying) and soothes my inner mutant at the same time. So it goes with Pregnancy Pact, one of the newer ritvalists on the scene. Here we have a complete breakdown of the Ace Of Bass song ‘Dancer In A Daydream’, turning the Swedish ’90s sensations into harbingers of doom and ecstasy. The video is even more disturbing; not only is it a showcase of the effects of a life of candy-tripping (sweaty gropez seems a bit unchill on dancefloor, RavePrism is for everyone not just couples >:( sheesh), but can you imagine have your dad come with you to a rave?? Boom, now you’re the lamest d00d at the party. Scary stuff indeed. 


Pregnancy Pact - Dream Dancer