Strip Mall Seizures is one of those band it seems like I’ve loved forever. Maybe it’s just how timeless they sound; thrashed-out trashed-out art punk never goes out of style, so when I hear that they’ve released a new album I get excited. I get real excited, son, and you should be too. These kids have been releasing some of the best punk tunes for over a decade in various bands, and with every release I’m blown away. I’ll Never Give Up On You picks up where 2008’s Secret To Financial Freedom left off but amps up the cabaret vitriol. Trve mutant spirit. Savage love. Gotta have it.


Advertising Is Murder


Still recovering from getting split as heck yesterday. Woods adventure, Green Man was choong as helllll + mystic smoke and Shystie on repeat but it’s back to business. Today’s business: monster lo-fi synthpunk via Sweden’s The Black Bug. Dirty scuzzsounds get crunchy on top of ladyvocals. Love it, now I’m having a pizza party of one and back to sleep.



I’ve Got Eyes


keyBORE's name came from a typo and their existence is fragile because they are all so busy with other things; Laura (keys and noise) is in Internet Forever, David (bass) is in Ice Sea Dead People, and Vicki (drums) and Rita (drums and vocals) are both busy working and studying. But when they do manage to come together to make music what results varies between explosive, catchy, repetitive pop songs with dance beats and dark drone with ethereal shrieks. Think early Liars crossed with Foot Village. In 2010 they plan to record some more songs and release a tape. The track we have for you to download was inspired by the time they had to sit through a two hour Mars Volta set.


There Is No Such Thing As A Comatorium (Live)


And so we continue with the countdown. Part III (3!) will be coming later this week; I want at least a brief window in the event that something godly gets released in the next few days. As always, ////FEEDBACK//// is appreciated and helps give me incentive to keep this blog going.

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Here’s something scuzzy and rad from Oz. Chrome Dome features Shaun (ex-Deaf Deaf) and pals making analog wave music. If you bone hard for Suicide, The Normal, Crash Course In Science etc. you’ll be poppin’ trouser tents like mad.


Bruised & Battered


Their debut release, the Negative Vibes 7”, is available from their Space. Get it.