Live visuals from Amanda Brown’s amazing L.A. Vampires project. Dubby underwater ghost-folk, just how we like it.


After seemingly ages, Pocahaunted have finally returned with their first album in their latest incarnation as a five-piece. With the addition of members of Robedoor and Sun Araw, and Diva Dompe’s vocals in the mix, the new material is less hauntology and drone and more classic psychedelic, but with the gorgeous NNF touch that we’ve come to expect from Amanda and co. With the shimmying beats of the new material, and the bright, cartoony design of the new LP, it seems Pocahaunted have enough scalps on their belts and have now brought out the peace pipe. Smoke up!


Make It Real

Save Yrself (It’s Nice)

Pocahaunted’s new album Make It Real will be out in spring. Get it.


I can always rely on Not Not Fun to supply me with pure gold. Their latest release is a slow-burning split between Psychic Reality (aka Leyna Noel, whose beautiful vocals you may have already heard in The Finer Things) and LA Vampires, a new project from Pocahaunted's Amanda Brown that was previously featured on the godly My Estrogeneration compilation. Side A is handled by Psychic Reality, four tracks of throbbing, wailing mystical murk. Sometimes life-affirming, sometimes sorrowful, and always transcendental, Leyna sends the listener on the kind of trip that you return from with your brain leaking out of your nose. Side B goes vampiric on us with woodwinds and jazzy, sub-hiphop beats as heard through a water-submerged boombox, while Amanda’s haunting vocals echo from a dark tunnel, bearing you through a sea of LSD. Damn, got you drooling, well scan this through your brain waves: she’s also planning collabs with Zola J. and Sun Araw. That’s right: reality is perfection.


Psychic Reality - Meta/Meta Prayer

LA Vampires - Acid We

This excellent 12” split is available now from Not Not Fun. Get it.


It’s no shock that I love female-fronted bands. I’m 90% more likely to check out a band if they have a girl singer, and honestly this blog has sort of transformed into a female-oriented music fansite. Factor in my love of all things Not Not Fun and you’ll see why I’m pounding my mental meat into a frenzy of brain-cum over My Estrogeneration, an all-lady compilation featuring some of my favorite Y-chromo projects in the NNF family, including Zola Jesus, Tickley Feather, US Girls, Pocahaunted, Topaz Rags, Talk Normal, Inca Ore, HNY, Valet, Islaja, and LA Vampires. Sounds magnificent, right? Well, it’s only out in 500 editions, so grab it quickly! The quicker the sell, the more likely it is Amanda and Britt will put out another!


Zola Jesus - Heaven Sold You Back to Earth

Talk Normal - Warrior

My Estrogeneration is out now. Get it.


Anything connected to Pocahaunted is godly by default, so when I got my first Topaz Rags 7” a couple years ago, naturally I was enthralled. And how can you not love a duo made up of Amanda and Britt Brown, the people running the impeccable Not Not Fun? Their newest release Capricorn Born Again is the first full-length from the two dronesters, melding the psych-drone of Britt’s Robedoor project and the haunting, distant vocals of Pocahaunted. Beautiful stuff for late night burnouts.


Heart In Ribs


Capricorn Born Again is out now on Not Not Fun. Get It.


Somewhere between the dead Indian chants of Pocahaunted and the droney pop of Grouper, you’ll find HNY. The solo project of Social Junk's Heather Young, HNY crafts black deserts of sonic bleakness, her lovely vocals meshing with washes of noisy loops. The sound of dead cities and rain-soaked junkyards.