Moving to the violent side of visual life, here’s the new video for the always-intriguing Foot Village's 'Lovers With Iraqis'. More thoughtful and less flashy, the brute noisepunk force of their power combined with scenes of torture and madness leave you feeling uneasy and restless.


My favorite Québécois noisemakers AIDS Wolf have been fine-tuning their destructive properties since becoming a three-piece, and this fall they’re releasing themselves upon America once more to promote their upcoming album March To The Sea. More angular riffs and screeches than ever before, the album looks to be a sonic punch to the jaw that will leave you sweaty and wrecked. They’re also releasing a record of remixes from their cover of the great Throbbing Gristle’s ‘Very Friendly’. Not suitable for shrimpy sissies or weak babies; this is music to destroy the world to.


Teaching To Suffer

March To The Sea is out this fall on Skingraft, and the remixes are out soon on Lovepump United. Get ‘em.


Oh Marnie. You make me believe in rock and roll again. Your mind-altering guitar riffs made me melt when I first played In Advance Of The Broken Arm, and you injected me with thrumming adrenaline when I heard This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That (even if I refuse to say the title aloud.) Now I hear you’re releasing a new self-titled album on October 18th (thanks for the brevity, by the way) and I can’t hold it in. I have to stomp and flail my arms and thrash my head to your infectious grooves. I know, I’ll post your new song from the upcoming album on my MUSIC BLOG so other people can enjoy it too. Life owns.


For Ash


Experimental Swedish post-punkers Kriget have recently released a video for their track ‘What A Day’. Ethereal dancing girls and skronky saxophones and prisms seen through an acid haze. Beautiful!


After M.I.A. dropped the cover for Sleigh Bells' new album on Monday, I've been salivating anew at the thought of new tracks from my favorite local noise-hop duo. Today my prayers are answered because they've unveiled the first track off their upcoming album Treats. ‘Tell ‘Em’ is a beautiful racket with slightly more production than we’re used to hearing from these two, but it only serves to show how lovely Alexis’ vocals really are.


Tell ‘Em

Treats is out May 11th on Mom + Pop and NEET. Get it.


Sheeeiiit. Didn’t know I was gonna have my face rocked the fuck out of town today, but Bobb Bruno's brvtal treatment of this Foot Village tune has my visage’s bags packed and ready to go. Mondays are Fundays when you thrash.

MP3: Foot Village - Grace’s Death (Bobb Bruno Remix)


I’m always excited when I hear news about Gang Wizard. I ain’t lying when I tell you that these cats put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, so any signs of movement perk my ears. This is a big one: when the band went to Europe, they made a super-limited box set comprising six tour-only CDs. If you weren’t there, odds are you’d never hear these great tunes. Death Bomb Arc bro Brian Miller feels your pain, and he’s put up the whole box set for download on the label’s website. A mere 15 bucks will net you 56 ultra-rare live releases. This is the stuff dreams are made of.


You Are Dead To Me

For All Bar Trash Hessian Strutters, We Salute You

6 Guitar Solos At The Urine Wash is available here. Get it!


I’ve been consistently impressed with These Are Powers ever since I saw them at Silent Barn in 2007. The biggest thing that’s helped them stand out amongst the slew of local noiseists is their ability to evolve. Early tracks like ‘Creme Teeth’, while enjoyable, can’t hold a candle to the stuff on their latest EP Candyman. I’ve been anticipating this release ever since the video was released late last year, and it doesn’t disappoint. They’ve incorporated elements of hip-hop and reggae into their violent technique, making something that’s as likely to fill floors as kill ‘em. Three monster tracks + two remixes, one dubby from Teengirl Fantasy and one housey from Cosmetics, all on a beautiful designed 12” package. This is the new urban noise.



Candyman is out February 23rd on RVNG. Get it.


Daniel’s note: I’m pumped as heck to welcome Brian Miller of Deathbomb Arc/Foot Village to BTS! Major thanks to him for this killer interview. He’ll be contributing stuff in his free time, so get ready for this blog to be a hell of a lot more awesome.

Trash punk will never die. In fact, it seems to thrive on being so perfectly formed, that it is stuck in time. To change it would be like re-inventing the mouse trap. On the other hand, the person to improve the mouse trap would be regarded as such a super-genius, it is tempting to try. Thus those disgusting glue traps that sometimes allow one to free the mouse in a humane manner, but mostly just drown them slowly in such horrible fashion.

Well, forget about that failure for a moment and enjoy the sounds and thoughts of Blue Sabbath Black Fiji. This both-gendered duo that currently hails from Glasgow has reinvented the mouse trap known as thrash punk truly for the better. By using years of harsh noise know-how, they have maintained the vibrant energy of the genre but given it sonic and psychedelic possibilities never heard on this small planet before. Like any great band, their sound is truly individual and speaks for itself. So instead of pressing these doods to describe their music, I took a moment to ask them questions about the circumstances surrounding the creation. They currently call themselves just J and C. Enjoy.

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One of my favorite bands is no more. The amazing Gowns just announced their split. You can download their very last track on Ericka’s blog here. It’s gorgeously epic, and a great final note, but this is really a sad day for music. I only got to see Gowns twice, but both times were some of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. They will be missed.


My favorite Québécois noise creeps AIDS Wolf recently released a 7” with Philly madmen Satanized, which I finally got a copy of, and it’s frickin’ gorgeous. The AW tracks are everything I expected, all squealing guitars and vicious vocals; can’t wait to watch these guys grow tighter and more concentrated now that they’re down to a three-piece. The Satanized track was a good surprise as well. I hadn’t heard much about them, but their thundering mix of noisy punk and of heroin-addled Birthday Party-isms had me scrambling for my credit card so I could snag more. Good stuff!


AIDS Wolf - Tango Fatal

This beautiful split is available at Skingraft. Get it.


Canada breeds good, noisy punk like nobody’s business, I guess. A friend of mine sent me a 7” from Alberta’s Myelin Sheaths, which had me thrashing my way around the room in a ballistic spasm of bouncy energy…..have I mentioned my neighbors hate me? The band are still fairly new, having released only one other 7” last year called Stackticon (now also on its way to my mailbox) but they’re not exactly newcomers to music, being connected to the fantastic Endangered Ape who sadly split up last year. Looking forward to seeing more!


Do The Mental Twist

Their latest release, the Do The Mental Twist 7”, is out now on HoZac. Get it.


The other day Brian mentioned that Gang Wizard are recording new material. I just wanted to share this so your brain boner becomes as big as mine at the thought of this. I haven’t seen this band in a very long time and I still remember sniffing a bit when my GW shirt finally deteriorated to the point of being unwearable, which for me means it was basically a 2x5 inch piece of cloth (I’m actually only 6 inches tall; oooo big shock NOT).

Pic is by Lars, by the way; check out his many other cool pics of many other cool bands.


I literally just got out of bed so I could watch this video again. Love you, Pukers.


keyBORE's name came from a typo and their existence is fragile because they are all so busy with other things; Laura (keys and noise) is in Internet Forever, David (bass) is in Ice Sea Dead People, and Vicki (drums) and Rita (drums and vocals) are both busy working and studying. But when they do manage to come together to make music what results varies between explosive, catchy, repetitive pop songs with dance beats and dark drone with ethereal shrieks. Think early Liars crossed with Foot Village. In 2010 they plan to record some more songs and release a tape. The track we have for you to download was inspired by the time they had to sit through a two hour Mars Volta set.


There Is No Such Thing As A Comatorium (Live)