As the weather grows colder, I find myself breaking out the minimal bleak-pop more and more, and this fits the menu perfectly. Happy Corners is the new project of Victor (Venezuela) and Maeve (Argentina), their songs beautiful in their melancholy simplicity. ‘Honey Echoes’ is my favorite, an aching waltz through the crisp leaves of love-struck psychosis. They’re expecting to release an EP in March; in the meantime let this flesh out your Autumn playlists.


Honey Echoes


Sorry about the coitus interruptus; I’m heading back to NYC from Berlin in a few days and busy busy busy. Updates when I get back but in the meantime here’s the spacey new video for Geneva Jacuzzi's 'Space Heater'. Martian desert sex on Olympus Mons? Blast off for the mons venus.


I met Dan Serbanescu, one half of Romanian couple Divine Muzak, when he requested Xiu Xiu’s ‘Chocolate Makes You Happy’ from me during a recent party. I wish I’d had some of of his music to play as well, because it’s lovely stuff. Together with his girlfriend Iulia, he churns out size zero dreams that make my tummy feel happy. Even more than chocolate.


La Femme Inegale


Beautiful Canadian glam-minimalist Terror Bird has just released a video for her track ‘Shadows In The Hall’, and it’s as beautiful as her music. Check it out, and get her latest 7” of the same name which is out now.


My one regret on this tour so far is a missed chance to DJ with Laura Clock’s project Butterclock. The young Parisian’s haunting voice and darkened r&b melodies will make you swoon, weaving a spell that wraps you tight in crushed velvet arms. Hoping to hook her up with some Brooklyn shows but in the meantime you can melt into burnt-sugar bliss with her track ‘Alaska’ and a brand new cover of Jennifer Paige’s ‘Crush’.





For sheer art weirdness, nothing beats Tonetta. This Toronto weirdo has been releasing some of the best videos on Youtube for several years, but he’s been creating his blend of bizarrely erotic mutant lo-fi minimal for 26 years. He’s also recently put together a live band so that you can experience his visions in 3D:

"Since Tonetta does not currently himself appear live he has personally requested that a band be put together to perform as him. This is not an imposter or a covers band. This is the Tonetta live experience."

This is true art, freak music for monster people and not to be missed. Watch his videos and get converted.


Drugs Drugs Drugs

Tonetta’s first LP 777 is out now on Black Tent Press. Get it.


Can’t stop listening to this jewel-like remix of Rainbow Arabia's 'Kabukimono' by my man Travis Edgy. He freaked those vocals out into warped early ’90s R&B and set them to some sick-ass minimal industro-hip-hop beats. This is what you crank when you’re driving over the Brooklyn bridge at twilight, reeking of smoke and spilled booze and firecracker drugs still fizzing in your blood.


Rainbow Arabia - Kabukimono (Pictureplane Negative Slave Remix)


I love waking up to awesome emails. First up, not only is there an amazing new video from the washed-out Malibu new wave Matrix Metals, but his 2009 cassette Flamingo Breeze has been re-released on vinyl! Great news if, like me, you took it to the beach and it got wet and now it sounds like everything is a James Ferraro remix. The vinyl is available from Olde English Spelling Bee. Get it!

Second, one of my favorite lo-fi groups Black Tambourine are finally getting their collected work reissued to vinyl. Not only that, but the re-release include new, never-before heard material! The reissue comes out March 30th via Slumberland….do I really need to say ‘get it’?


From what I’ve experienced, the modern minimal scene is best avoided live because it’s god-awful boring and packed to the wall with sad goths and forty year old men who wish they looked like Faris Rotter. That’s why I’m a bit confused about Gape Attack!. They come across with the same sort of minimal wave/post-punk sound, but their live shows seem crazy. They look like any kid in Brooklyn but they actually seem to be having a good time. If this Seattle trio can inject some life into a rather dreary genre, more power to ‘em and here’s hoping it spreads.