Denver’s Colin Ward has released an insane amount of stuff under his alphabets moniker, but he’s about to get mad exclusive with his output. Future major releases are planned to be released only on Laserpalace, so enjoy the big freebies while you can! Here’s a special preview of two new tracks, a combination of glitchy twerked-up electronics and manipulated pop vocals. Sexy/heavy as only Colin can do it.





Do you like things that are amazing? Then you should check out my buddy Colin’s (aka alphabets) new release. This guy cranks out radical music at a startling rate, and his Underwaters series is no exception. Because he’s the coolest cat in Denver, he puts this stuff out for free, but he’s also coming out with a four-cassette collection soon. More info on that when it comes, meanwhile enjoy!


Underwaters II

Underwaters III


Colin Ward is probably the coolest guy in music right now. I first caught word of his killer project alphabets from a German friend of mine, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only are these tunes massively catchy, Colin gives them away for free download on his Space every month or two. In terms of things like ‘being a grown up’, well sorry dude, this beefy bro is just a kid. But hey, it’s a kid’s world and kids gotta have fun! If you like things like fun, take a good hard look at this Denver dynamo as we shoot questions at each others faces.

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